What Book-Inz is all about…

Are you a reader?  By this, I mean are you a max out your credit card at the local (or not so local) bookstore, need to use a shopping cart at the library reader?  If so, then you will not only ‘get’ Book-Inz, you’ll KNOW it’s a product way past overdue!

Meet Book-Inz:

A handmade magnetic bookmark that attaches to the book’s COVER, while the ribbon marks your place.  That’s right, a bookmark that hangs out on your book while you read it!  Don’t take it out, don’t take it off, leave it there until you’re done reading…and since it’s magnetic, it will stick to the fridge when you’re in between books! 
Made of a variety of 100% cotton fabrics, some magnets and grosgrain ribbon, it’s not only functional, it’s also fashionable!  Strong enough for hardbacks and cookbooks, it’s also light enough for paperbacks and magazines.  My mother-in-law actually uses it to hold her place in cooking magazines while she’s shopping for ingredients.

 No more dog-ears, lost bookmarks, putting it down and it disappears, falling out of your book…it stays ON your book till you’re done reading.  Period.


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3 responses to “What Book-Inz is all about…

  1. I have been using my Book-Inz for a month now. I LOVE it! I have shown my friends and they love it, too. I am waiting to get to another show to get another! They have a new fabric that I am loving!!!!

  2. I LOVE hearing from people who are using Book-Inz! Thank you, Marci! SO which Book-Inz are you loving now?

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