And then there was an IDEA!

I came up with the idea when my other half borrowed a book from a friend and used a popsicle stick.  Did you know popsicle sticks crack book spines?  Me, either.  So a much chagrined me walked back home trying to think of a way to attach a ribbon like they have in Bibles and dictionaries, but also have it transportable between books.  After tossing and turning all night long, playing out prototypes in my head, a thick hardback and I headed to the local crafty shop and played with crafty stuff.  Not that it was a hardship on my part, I *LIKE* crafty shops!

Several odd looks and a couple of mishaps later (sorry, Hobby Lobby), I had the beginnings of my first prototype.  My sister-in-law and my other half tried it out.  A few tweaks here and there for prototype #2 (it takes awhile to perfect something, you know), and we were using it in public.  Our chiropractor saw it in use and asked if we’d make four of them for her daughters…oh, you want to BUY them?  The wheels started turning!

The first thing we did was apply for a patent.  Yes, you read that correctly – we own the provisional patent (AKA Patent Pending) for Book-Inz.  THAT was an exciting moment!  Set up a business account and less than a year later, here we are! In reading various crafty books and manuals, I’ve since learned we went about this somewhat convolutedly.  And there are things I would have liked to have done differently…and yet, we’re thrilled to have created something that has functionality.

We did our first craft show in November and almost sold out by noon, and it was a 9-5 show!  Who knew there was such an interest in our little bookmark?  But then someone explained to me that if *we* were so excited about it’s usefulness, then others would be, too.  How right they were.

When we show at craft fairs, we always get the “Why didn’t I think of that?”  My other half likes to say that you have to reach deep down into your inner nerd and I didn’t have very far to go!


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