Sketch Customs

I’d like to introduce you to Sketch Customs, if you aren’t already acquainted with their cool rockabilly style.  Clothing, jewelry, handbags, hair accessories and puppies can be decked out, too!

We first met Mr & Mrs Sketch at the Funky Finds Spring Fling.  Pat likes to pre-shop before all our shows to scope out the merchandise and make a list of things I need to see in case we decide to buy something! 😉  Next thing I know, Pat comes running back with the coolest bracelet ever.  A cameo of a female skull profile.  Well, my rule about shopping the shows is that we have to make the bank first before we can shop, so I nixed it.  And boy, did I regret that.

By the time I went back to get it, of course it had sold!  It was too awesome a piece to sit for long!  And since we had earmarked it as something for a particular person’s birthday gift,  I knew pretty much everything in their selection would meet the style we were looking for.  I ended up picking out a really fun bright purple flower hair accessory.

But alas, nothing for me or Pat.

Until the next weekend when we saw them again at the Panther City Bar Bazaar.  I FINALLY got to pick something out for ME!

Also a hair accessory.  I’m wearing it in this shot:

I have since found other items  I absolutely must HAVE and Pat is wondering if Mrs Sketch will make a set of cufflinks…

To be continued…

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