Book-Inz Reads: The Last Ship

New weekly post! My favorite books! Or my favorite authors…in this case, this week it’s a book. A very good book, in my opinion. Now I won’t bore you with the details of this book, I’m going to tell you why this book is on my favorite list. In the top ten, really. I love this book because it talks about what happened AFTER WWIII. Because we all used to think there would be nothing left. This book gave me an image of what could be.

I read this many moons ago, at least 15, maybe 20? And shortly after reading it, I heard someone had bought the movie rights to it. I was so excited to see this book on film! And it didn’t happen. Why not? I even called George Gimarc to ask. His short answer was that in our era of ‘glasnost’ and an end to the Cold War, this movie wasn’t in the right place anymore. Since then, I’ve seen several movies come out with pre-Cold War plots. I’m still waiting for this book to be made into a film. If they can put out a 4th ‘Scream’ movie, then they can make this movie! Even more recently, this guy wrote the same thing: This is a book that should be made in to a movie. Hurry up, then! Whoever owns the rights is sitting on a gold mine! A ready-made fan base!

The character development in this book was some of the best I’ve ever read in a one book story. I felt a connection to each one of the characters and knew that somewhere inside of me, I would have made some of the same decisions as they did. It’s part intrigue, part thriller, part drama, part romance…I read this book in my early 20’s. The story still crosses my mind today. And as many books as I’ve read, for this one to stay near the top of the pool is impressive.

It does take some time to get through it all, though, so it’s not for light readers. It’s a novel of substance. And I find as I read more of what’s out there today, I keep going back to substance. I like it. I hope you will find a copy in your local library and find you like it, too. And just maybe, if enough of us like it, we can petition to finally have that movie made!


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4 responses to “Book-Inz Reads: The Last Ship

  1. Ohhhhh, this book I must have. Hooray, an excuse to go to to the bookstore. I have little time to read anymore but I miss it. One of my fav books has always been The Count of Monte Cristo.

  2. Lindsay, I have never read The Count of Monte Cristo! I’ve seen every possible rendition on film, but never read the book. I think I will correct that this week! And use your public library, that’s what we pay taxes for!

  3. I am always looking for new books! I will have to look for this to put on my list!

  4. I’m going to shoot for a book suggestion every Tuesday…keep checking back for more books! Make your local public librarian a happy camper! 🙂

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