The Wonderfully Small World of Facebook or How I Became a Fan of HeyShari!

Once upon a time I went to high school with a really cool person named Shari. And I can say that she was really cool because even back then I thought she was really cool. Time and distance and life sent us on different paths and through that magnificent creation of Facebook, I found her again. And discovered much to my pleasure that she is still that really cool person named Shari. J

In learning more about Shari, I discovered her art. Amazing art. Her creativity knows no boundaries. (and I get a kick out of thinking ‘I knew her when…’) At the time, I didn’t think much more than that she is an incredibly talented artist whom I one day wanted to own one of her works. Another friend has given her the tagline, Shari – Bringer of the Awesome. Yes, I completely agree.

Fast forward a few months and I discovered a need for my own kind of artist…a graphic artist. I had designed and patented a newfangled magnetic bookmarker thingy. See this and this. Did you know patent applications require pencil drawings? I thought I could just photograph my process and be done. Nuh-uh. So I asked Shari if she could do it. She replied, after apparently researching the requirements (!), that yes, she could. I sent her the photos and she sent back near photographic renderings of said photos. I was impressed. Dare I say I was actually “WOWED!”? I can’t draw a stick figure at gunpoint, THIS was epic! And then…

I needed a logo. A brand. Something that I could put forth into the world and shout, “THIS IS BOOK-INZ!” (imagine Charlton Heston circa Moses). She asked me a slew of questions. I had no idea. I thought I just had to say THIS is what I want and presto abracadabra, it would be done. And well, on Shari’s part, that’s pretty much what she did! I told her I wanted something ‘Schoolhouse Rock-ish, with a rounder, softer feel to it.’ Welllll, I told her this after she picked my brain a lot more than I care to admit. I have a hard time using my words to describe my visuals.

This is what I got:

Pretty neato burrito, huh? Does it look familiar? I should certainly hope so! I’ve plastered it on everything I can possibly plaster! But that’s not the end of Shari’s talent. Did I mention she’s the bringer of the awesome? Yeah, about that awesome…Pat & I went to her multi artist show in December, Loteria: The Art of Chance. And there I came face to face with the fact that I could never be an artist. Even in my wildest imaginings, my best work would be a preschooler’s effort compared to her work. I know, I’m gushing, but when you see her stuff, it’s just damn cool. Really.

And it was at Loteria that I came across House of Smash. It was apparently the debut of Lucy. I was lucky enough to get one! But I digress, this is about Shari…

Shari sells her work through her website HeyShari , you NEED to see what she can create. It’s not just art, it’s awesome. You can also find HeyShari on Facebook and Twitter. Go, look, experience. Whether you commission her for some fantastical art or to fill a commercial art need, HeyShari definitely brings the awesome.


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2 responses to “The Wonderfully Small World of Facebook or How I Became a Fan of HeyShari!

  1. Wow…how can I even respond to this?? I am so honored that you would write such high praise. Working with you has been an extreme pleasure, and I am so proud of you. And the funny thing is, I’ve always thought YOU were so cool!


  2. *tossing flowers and sparklies in air around us*

    You’re an amazing artist and I’m sharing your awesome abilities with all I know. No response necessary! 😉

    We’re just cool like that…who knew?

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