What Book-Inz Did This Weekend!

We had a show in Dallas this weekend.  I hope we got to see you!  Otherwise, here are the details!

We were at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Saturday to help raise money for the Mi Escuelita Pre-School.  These are the types of fundraising shows I like the most.  Instead of a flat booth fee for the whole show, Mi Escuelita based their fee on the percentage of your gross sales for the day.  In other words, instead of being out a booth fee whether you make sales or not, you paid a percentage of what you did sell, so if you sold nothing, well, you paid nothing.  This kind of fee schedule makes great business sense for the new-to-shows crafter.  Your out of pocket is minimal. 

The day started out ominously, cloudy and gray, with a scattering of sprinkles on my way in to set up.  Luckily, we had invested in a pop-up canopy for outdoor events (one of the GREATEST investments a crafter can make).  Another bonus to this show was the abundant presence of volunteers to help unload (and later, load) your car! Eventually, the day cleared up and we got sun with a light breeze.  Occasional gusts of wind made for some unfortunate mishaps for other vendors, but we all pitched in and helped them get set up again.  One of the things I really like about the show circuit is that you make friends with your booth neighbors and can help each other out.

The actual show its self wasn’t the most profitable day we’ve ever had.  It wasn’t the absolute worst, either, and let me tell you why:

Our very last customer sits on the board of directors for Project Literacy of Dallas.  An organization that I have been trying to make contact with for some time now.  She took my card and asked if I would mind the Executive Direcftor making contact with me directly.  Of course not! 

I’ve been told I’m quite the Pollyana, yet I have to say that by seeing the positive in every negative situation (even the not so negative, but not so positive), I have achieved a peace about my business.  I’m not going to lie and tell you I wouldn’t mind make more sales, but I also know that a large part of the business’ success will come from the marketing.   And I am THRILLED to have made that contact with this person!

We also met some new vendor friends that we will be sharing with you in the c0ming months!  All in all, I think we had a wonderful show Saturday.  I hope you’ll get to come out and see us one of these weekends!  Check our Events page for our calendar of shows! 

Speaking of shows, is there a show you know of that you’d like to see us attend?  Let me know and we’ll try our best to be there!

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