Bad Tracey Ain’t So Bad, After All

Do you ever wonder what becomes of old bicycle tires? Not the inner tubes, I think we’ve seen our fair share of belts and the like out of bicycle inner tubes, I’m talking about the treads. Well if you’ve ever wondered, and hell, even if you’ve never wondered, I want you to meet BadTracey. Designer of recycled bicycle tire accessories…

Pat discovered BadTracey (whose real name isn’t Tracey, either) at the Funky Finds Spring Fling back in March. After the pre-shop walkaround, Pat brings back what I thought was a leather bracelet. Nope. It was a recycled dead tread cuff bracelet. Not only does BadTracey make bracelets, she also makes watch bands. Very cool watch bands out of the very same dead tread she uses for her cuff bracelets. And it’s style for both guys and girls!

Each watch band follows pretty much the same design, but with embellishments that give it that one of a kind feel. The bracelets are also one of a kind. Bad Tracey makes all of her dead treads by hand, I remember hearing the hammering of her tools all during the days of the Spring Fling…she actually added a different stud closure for Pat’s bracelet because Pat wanted something not so bulky. That may have been Pat’s bracelet I heard her hammering away on during the day.

Here’s a picture of Pat’s way cool dead tread recycled bicycle tire bracelet:

What I thought was incredibly cool about BadTracey is that these are materials one wouldn’t normally think to use for accessories. I mean, yeah, I have a bicycle chain bracelet, but a bicycle tire? Whodathunkit? Apparently, BadTracey, that’s who. And I absolutely LOVE her story.

BadTracey is located in Oklahoma City, OK. And she retails at several shops around town.

And why do I love BadTracey’s stuff? Because it’s just plain rockin’ cool! Recycled, reused, repurposed…whatever it is you want to call it, it’s one less thing in the landfill and incredibly fun and stylish to wear! I’m all for environmental goodness and when it’s mixed with one of a kind style, well, it’s hard to resist! Whatever your reasons for checking out BadTracey, see if you can resist one of her pieces…and come back to let me know which one you got! J

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