What Book-Inz Did This Weekend!

We had a show at Central High School in Keller, TX to support the Lightning Dancers. It was our first time selling here.  Very big school, the organizers and volunteers were great!  So here are the highlights:

  1. We met so many new vendors and had a wonderful time shopping all the booths!
  2. I found an owl ring! 
  3. We also found so many other neato burrito stuffs!
  4. We ran into a few old friends!
  5. We got our name out and about in the community.
  6. We upgraded our booth with table risers! (that’s a whole other post!)
All of this to say we didn’t have a great show, but it wasn’t all bad, either!  As usual, Pat pre-shopped and we are now the proud new owners of more stuff! 😉  Sales weren’t what we had hoped for, and that does happen, in fact, this is the second time it has happened to us.  But we look at each show as a new learning experience.  The experience we walked away with today was that this venue is not our niche.  And that’s perfectly okay.
Getting back to the sales part – it’s a dirty little secret, but we handmade folks do like to see a little reward for our efforts.  And while it wasn’t a great day of sales for us, our walkabouts led us to discover it wasn’t a great sales day for anyone.  Spring shows are notoriously slow and less profitable than fall shows…for obvious reasons, but they are also great marketing opportunities!  A lot of people snagged a card or signed up for our mailing list.  With a little coupon incentive on the back of our card, we hope to get some business through the website, or maybe a return visit at a future show.  And this is pretty much how it goes for most of the spring shows.  It’s okay.  For us and for the customers.  Maybe what you’ve got isn’t what they’re looking for today, but it might be tomorrow.  And that’s what keeps us going. And it helps us evaluate what our next step will be.
We introduced Book-Inz to a whole new audience today and had a great time doing it!  We also got new fodder for our Neato Burritos!  Yay!  Be sure to check back in on Thursday to see who our Neato Burrito will be this week!  And stay tuned for some MAJOR EXCITING NEWS!  We’re thrilled to share…just not in today’s post! 🙂


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5 responses to “What Book-Inz Did This Weekend!

  1. You are such a positive spirit! Always a pleasure to get caught up, and can’t wait until you share the news! 🙂

  2. Thank you! We’re having an owl intervention later this month! 😉

  3. *giggle* Since you “liked” us on Facebook, you already know the great news!

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