What I Love About Summer Reading Programs

Obviously, Book-Inz is all about reading.  Books, magazines, cookbooks, if it’s the printed word, more than likely we’ll read it…

Which is why I love summer reading programs.  Used to be, these reading programs were hosted by your local public library, and in fact, the majority of them still are; however, I have noticed an upswing in retail bookstores offering the same kind of summer reading program…at an additional cost, of course!  While I’m all for keeping bookstores in business, I am also a library afficionado…and as such, much prefer the public library over any other type of summer reading program out there.

Nevermind the fact that if you live in the Mid-Cities area of DFW, we donated several Book-Inz to the three public libraries in our community…you could score a Book-Inz!  Just for reading all summer!  How cool is that?!  And Book-Inz aren’t just for kids, either!  We gave Printz for grown-ups and teens to have fashionable books, too!

It has been reported numerous times that students who read during the summer months are at an advantage in the next term over students who did not.  And that includes college kids, too!  I imagine it’s all that brainpower being flexed while reading strengthens those learning muscles.

I am a huge advocate for summer reading programs because I truly believe that anything that allows the space for a person to read freely is a wonderful thing.  I wrote previously how I spent one entire summer at my library, reading my way through different sections.  What made it so magical to me was discovering new worlds, new interests, new authors, new genres…

One of my favorite personal stories is about an old friend of mine.  She didn’t care to read because the year her class learned how to read, she was incredibly sick for an entire six weeks and by the time she got back and tried to catch up, she felt she was too far behind.  So reading became a chore for her, something to be tolerated, but not enjoyed, and this feeling followed her for many decades.  Until she met Harry Potter…and that was all she needed to learn to love to read!  Imagine, a grown woman falling in love with reading because of a little boy wizard named Harry Potter!  I love it! 

And so it goes, we all have that one book that made us fall in love with reading, with the places we could go in our minds.  And I look at the library’s summer reading programs as the incubator for that love.  Kids get positive reinforcement through rewards for reading, teens get to explore a richer universe of literature and adults can indulge in that most relaxing pastime…sitting in the backyard with a book, most likely laying across your chest as you snooze, but hey!  You’ll eventually finish reading once you’ve finished your nap, right?!?

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