What Book-Inz Did This Weekend!

Surprise, surprise!  We had a show…

Was it stellar?  Relatively speaking – we sold five times our booth fee.  And that is the sign of a great show.  However, this was the first year this event was opened to vendors and I think they did a stellar job!  Book-Inz, being what they (and we) are, LOVES supporting schools, so if there’s a school show, we try really hard to be there.  Bray Elementary has held a Spring Carnival for many years and has had quite the success with it.  Opening the Carnival to vendors this year made it that much more successful!

And to make things even more interesting – found out an old friend from HS is also a friend with one of our booth neighbors!  That was really neat!  I posted our location on Facebook and said old friend commented her friend was also a vendor there.  And said vendor is on my list of future Neato Burritos…her soaps smelled FANTASTIC!

So…what lessons did we take from our adventures?  Well, we definitely do better in a 10X10 space.  It turned out the spaces were 8X8 and it made for a cramped display.  Which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but since the introduction of our new Bling line, we’re starting to run low on real estate.  Now we know.  And we also decided to bring a new game to our display, not that we haven’t been, but the display is ever evolving and we figured out a new take on it this past weekend.  I hope y’all will come see us at a future show and check it out!

When we packed for the show Friday night, we thought the car looked kind of empty.  And when we left Saturday morning, we again felt like we were forgetting something…which segues me into saying, “Make a checklist and USE it!”  I actually have a checklist we use.  I printed it up on cardstock, left some blank lines in case I added something in the future and then laminated it.  I use a dry erase marker to check things off as I pack.  Except in this case, I forgot to use the checklist…we didn’t really unpack from the last show, so I felt like whatever we needed was already there.  However, that is NOT how I prefer to prepare for a show, I hated feeling like something was out of whack.  So in the future, I will definitely be using my checklist.  Had I used my checklist, I would have known that the signage I use for credit cards was NOT in the box and I would have either found it or made a new one. Note to self: follow your own advice! 🙂

Our next show is tentatively scheduled for June 4th in Mansfield, TX at the St. Jude Jewel & Junk Trunk Show, put on by the Catholic Women’s Organization for St. Jude Catholic Church.  Make plans to come see us!  We’d love to meet you!

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  1. That is awesome about the show!

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