Readers are Leaders

I read that on someone’s etsy blog a few days ago and it got me to thinking…it’s true.  Readers end up being leaders.  Leaders in knowledge, skills, critical thinking skills, travel, adventure…

Whatever it is you wanted to be when you grew up, you most likely discovered it through reading.  And then reading more.  And all of that reading led to even more reading – schoolwork, pleasure, textbooks, training.  Everything in this world, except for people, comes with an instruction book.  And those who have read the instruction books tend to go about their business knowing what they are doing.  Straight to the top, most times.

I have yet to read a biography where that person DIDN’T read.  Whether for pleasure, knowledge or both, readers become.  They become industry leaders, experts in whatever field of study they choose to follow, captains in the unscripted journey to a better job, career, life…I keep repeating myself because I am amazed at how a simple pleasure has the power to transform: mind, body and soul.

If you’re not a reader (and if you’re reading this blog or have one of our Book-Inz, I truly hope you ARE a reader!), why not?  What is it that keeps you from reading – for pleasure, knowledge or both?  If you are a reader, voracious or not, how have you been transformed by what you’ve read?  Do the books stick with you, as they do with me with certain writers, or do you move on easily to the next novel?

Where did your reading lead you?

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