Hello Again

Strange happenings in the world of Book-Inz.  New product lines, new fabrics, new friends, new reads, new goals…I say it’s strange happenings because for the life of me, I cannot figure out how all these ‘new’s came about.

It all started about a year ago when I experimented with personalizing Book-Inz.  I handpainted monograms or school letters/logos.  It was an arduous process because Book-Inz is such a small medium and handpainting is NOT my forte.  I tossed quite a few Book-Inz because I was not satisfied with how they came out.  Then, I began sewing unique and fun buttons onto Book-Inz.  I called them ‘Blingz.’  I also added fun and interesting iron on appliques to the mix.  It was a learning process.  Customers started requesting special buttons or different colors or more than one or two of what I had on hand.  Once again, I was at a loss as to how to meet the demand.  It’s just me.  And demand was increasing.


About three months’ ago, a fellow crafter suggested I try a different technique.  Little did I know she would create my next BIG thing in Book-Inz!  A little epoxy glue, a flattened bottle cap, and some ingenuity later, Blingz Book-Inz are the absolute customizable, most personalized Book-Inz I have ever offered!  I can’t make them fast enough to meet the demand, but I am determined to try.  If you’re a Facebook fan – and if you’re not, you should be – you’ve seen the various ways I’ve been creating the Blingz Book-Inz and I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have!


All that said, Book-Inz is evolving, into what I’m not yet certain, but you can be sure that whatever direction Book-Inz takes me, it will be ALL ABOUT THE BOOKS!

Keep calm and read on, folks!

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