Book-Inz Reads: The Four Ms. Bradwells by Meg Waite Clayton

I really liked this book.  It was a fun, quick read – think chick lit – that was easy on the intellectual but still captivating in a way that made me WANT to finish the story.  Not many books do that for me these days.  I’d call it an emotional hook.  I WANTED to know what happens to the characters.  Not easy to draw me in and I was definitely caught up in the tale.

Without giving too much away – four young women meet on their first day of law school.  In that particular class, the professor gives them all nicknames using a variance of a case study – Ms. Bradwell.  Hence the Four Ms. Bradwells.  The story follows their lives onwards and upwards, while also traveling back in time on occasion to bring the reader to an unexpected and charming conclusion.

As mentioned previously, I am not known for reading chick lit.  Yet this book drew me in, made me feel as if I were a part of lives of the women involved, and left me wanting more.  A sign of a skilled and talented writer in my book (no pun intended).

And speaking of this skilled and talented writer – I recently had the opportunity to meet Meg Waite Clayton.  She is just plain awesome.  She’s genuine, warm, and witty.  I like those qualities in people and she exhibits them in spades.

For those who are wondering, The Four Ms. Bradwells sported this Book-Inz.  Which has made me think of a game to play…stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Book-Inz Reads: The Four Ms. Bradwells by Meg Waite Clayton

  1. sometimes this is just what you need to relax. today’s rain would be a great day for reading. nope, work to do, back to sewing. thanks for sharing, i’ll add this one to my reading list.

  2. Absolutely a great day for reading a book! I wish I didn’t have so much to do, either. Maybe if I get things done early? Oh, what am I thinking?! That won’t happen! 🙂

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