Neato Burrito: Coco and Cocoa

In my free time, I crochet.  Not that that happens a lot.  Actually, it doesn’t happen at all.  There’s only twenty-four hours in a day to complete thirty-six hours worth of tasks.  And what doesn’t get done gets stacked onto tomorrow’s thirty-six hours worth of tasks…it’s a never-ending cycle of despair. But I digress.  I like to crochet.  It relaxes me.  And then I saw what Julie of Coco and Cocoa creates with crochet AND knitting.  And now?  It’s so ON.  Well, it’s sort of on…more like it’s warming up…because I don’t have any free time! And I don’t know how to KNIT! And where the hades does Julie find the time to knit and crochet anyway?  She’s a college student, wife, mother of twin boys and a toddler son, and she’s a daily blogger. Overachieving awesomeness. When I grow up, I wanna be Julie.

Click on the picture to buy the Knit Owl Hat from Coco and Cocoa's etsy shop!

Cutest hat EVER. See the owls? If you don’t, please turn off your computer and go get your eyes checked. Really. Why is this the cutest hat ever? Well, I have a short story long to tell you…about a year ago, we were at our neighbors for a cookout and movie in their backyard. They invited another couple from down the street, a history teacher and a nature photographer (remember the photographer’s subject – this is important). We’re all getting along, fun and giggly, then the movie starts – The Wolfman. On a slightly overcast evening. So we’re watching the movie, enjoying our dessert and suddenly the sky clears, revealing an astonishingly bright full moon (The Wolfman, full moon – I didn’t sleep that night). And in that full moonlight, I saw the silhouette of a baby owl on the power line above the trees. In typical ADD fashion, I exclaimed, ‘LOOK! It’s an OWL!’ And nature photographer asked, ‘How do you know?’ Cue dumbfounded looks all around. I mean, an owl’s silhouette is pretty distinctive, don’t you agree? And if you’re a nature photographer, wouldn’t you recognize that silhouette anywhere?

So back to Coco and Cocoa’s Knit Owl Hat – Hey LOOK! It’s an OWL! A LOT of owls! With brown button eyes! See? Cutest hat ever. And if you click on that Knit Owl Hat photo, it’ll take you to Coco and Cocoa’s etsy listing and let you buy this Knit Owl Hat. Yes. It will. I’ve tested it. If you want a different color, she will gladly knit you a hat in one of four different colors. Quickly, too. How do I know this? Because she knit a fantastic elf hat for Pat in less than a week. During Christmas week. That’s some awesome customer service right there.

And Julie, I will learn to knit.  Yes.  I will.  Mark my words.  Maybe when I’m 80.  And have more concentration.  And fine motor skills.  And THEN?  Then it will be so ON. Ah, who am I kidding? It will be easier to just show Julie what I want and pay her to knit it for me!

For more of Julie’s handmade goodness, visit Coco and Cocoa’s etsy shop here and read her fabulous blog here, you never know what you might find!


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2 responses to “Neato Burrito: Coco and Cocoa

  1. Sherry Neaves

    I love Julie’s stuff, too!

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