Neato Burrito: Larkspur Studios

From January 1st thru March 1st 2012 all proceeds from Larkspur Studios will go directly to the Higgins Family of Arlington, TX to help pay for their 4 year old daughter’s brain cancer treatment. Click to learn more about Fight for MaddieIf you would like to chip in and help this sweet girl out, please visit this link.

Pat has recently become addicted to fused glass pendants.  Every time we’ve done a show, she comes back from pre-shopping with a new fused glass pendant necklace.  More often than not, from Amy Wainwright’s Larkspur Studios booth.  And if not, only because Amy wasn’t at that particular show.

We first met Amy in Detroit, TX, in June.  She was our show neighbor!  Having an outdoor show in June in Texas is not always the best practice, but with Pat keeping us in laughter and Amy’s awesome misting system, we were happy as clams the whole day! And that was the first time we were introduced to Amy’s creative work.  My eye was caught on a short, chubby monster pendant (yes, there is a theme to what I am drawn to – short and chubby being the keywords). Pat ended up with a Day of the Dead skull pendant.

This design is called Tree of Life and I find it a fitting example of Amy’s talent while also showcasing her generosity.  The designs I have seen at her shows range from absolutely work wearable to funky street and everything in between.  She’ll also do custom work for you!

Click on the photo above to be taken to Larkspur Studios.

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