Random Thoughts: Pinterest…the new Facebook?

Don’t laugh, if you’re on Pinterest, you KNOW it’s true! And if you’re not, I’d strongly advise you against it, but knowing my readers…you’ll want it even more now! You can find things like this Or this: But fair warning – Pinterest is a MAJOR timesuck. And by this, I mean that you’ll pop in for just a few minutes and four hours later… What I like about Pinterest is the creativity and inspiration. I’m not a creative type. No, really, I’m NOT. I don’t make all kinds of different things. I make ONE thing in different fabrics. I’m more or less an autistic crafter. And don’t take that as an insult to ASD, I have close friends with ASD and I’ve often wondered if I’m an Asperger’s myself. I am Sheldon and Leonard’s love child. It’s who I am. I am focused on one thing. Not many things. And the wormhole known as browsing Pinterest feeds my imagination and creativity. The only thing I don’t like about Pinterest is that you must be invited. You can’t just sign up and poof, pin away my dear! Granted, your friends who are on Pinterest can send you an invite, but it’s still a waiting game. And just because they send you an invite doesn’t mean you’ll get it right away either. But as per my MO, I digress. What is Pinterest, you ask? Pinterest is a virtual corkboard/magazine clippings file of everything that interests you. Get it? Pin+interest. Clever. And not only everything that interests you, but also everything that interests everyone you follow or follows you. Not that you can’t see what other people pin, but your ‘home’ page, so to speak, consists of all of the pins the people you follow have so kindly pinned. For your distracting pleasure. Drinking binge blackouts have NOTHING on Pinterest. Which reminds me…I have to go Pin now! See you in a month or so! If you’re on Pinterest and want to follow me, you can find me here.


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2 responses to “Random Thoughts: Pinterest…the new Facebook?

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  2. Thank you for the link mention. Your article doesn’t surprise me a bit!

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