Neato Burrito: Bespangled Jewelry

Meet Bespangled Jewelry.  Well, a piece of Bespangled Jewelry.  Nothing commercial or repetitive here.  As a matter of fact, Jessica painstakingly creates each piece of jewelry by hand.  She said so.  Here’s the proof.  I love her work.  It’s sparkly without being obnoxious.  Delicate enough for my small frame, yet big enough that I’m not squinting my eyes to see it.  And I like that her pieces have an organic flow.

Click on the picture to buy the Green Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet from Bespangled Jewelry's etsy shop!

And why is this piece so cool? Using chrysophase gemstone beads, remarkably similar in appearance to green jade, Bespangled Jewelry has inadvertently recreated the traditional Asian jade bracelet for modern times.  If you’ve never observed it, many Asian women wear a permanent-ish jade bracelet.  The tradition is that it’s put on when she’s young and she grows into it as she ages.  I know because my maternal grandmother bought a small red jade bracelet for me when I was 12.  The jeweler sized it by the width of my index, middle, and ring fingers and then proceeded to smush the ever loving snot out of my hand and wrist to put it on me.  Did I mention it’s permanent-ish?  It’s a solid circle of jade.  I removed it myself after a year because it constantly hit my desk in school.  Annoying not only me but also everyone around me.  And this is why I love this bracelet – it’s the same concept, except it can be taken on and off!  I could have taken this off during class and worn it everywhere else!  And NOT SMUSH THE EVER LOVING SNOT OUT MY HAND AND WRIST.  Did I mention it hurt?  I think I started to use words of curse around that time.  I attribute it to the bracelet.  It HURT!  A LOT! I’m hurting now remembering it.

As usual, I digress.  Jessica’s pieces are not only one of a kind, they are stylish, modern, and funky.  I’ve already got my eye on a necklace for my sister’s birthday.  (Kiwi – if you’re reading this, do not go look at this shop!) Yet at the same time, they are timeless, classic, and heirloom quality.  I’d pass this bracelet down to my daughter.  She could carry on the tradition without experiencing the &^%# pain that accompanies putting it on her wrist.  Click on the photo of Bespangled Jewelry’s Green Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet and it will take you to Jessica’s etsy listing to purchase!  Yes, I tested this link, too.  It does work.

And to see more of Jessica’s amazing jewelry pieces, visit the Bespangled Jewelry etsy shop here.  And then visit her blog here. She offers up tutorials on making your own funky jewelry.  If I only had the time!

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