Crafty Business: Craft Shows Tips & Tricks (LINKS)

Since we’re starting to apply for our Spring shows, I thought I’d share some of the most helpful interwebs information I’ve found…

  • If you’re looking for shows in the DFW area, DFW Craft Shows is THE site to search
  • If you’re looking for booth set up inspiration, Show Me Your Booths is a fun place to start
  • For some random thoughts on craft shows, this blog is interesting
  • Tania at DFW Craft Shows also posted a Craft Show Survival Kit for getting organized for shows
  • I’m a HUGE fan of Martha Latta of Sunday Afternoon Housewife.  She has several blog posts about successful craft show tips.  Here is one
  • If you’ve NEVER done a craft fair and are interested, check this out
  • Sunday Afternoon Housewife has done it again, with this post about OUTDOOR craft shows
  • etsy wrote this article about Craft Show Must Haves
  • Another great website for finding craft shows in your area is CraftLister/EventLister
  • And I’m going to end this fantastic, but by no means complete, list with another smashing Sunday Afternoon Housewife article about determining which craft shows are right for you…it’s not always as easy as it sounds

And I’ll leave you with this one last bonus link, it’s Book-Inz’ own.  It’s about how we deal with not so stellar craft show sales.  Trust me, it DOES happen.

Hope your Spring crafting season is amazing!

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