Neato Burrito: Make It Sick

Chelsea Pace of Make It Sick calls her shop Handmade Geekery.  And for this geek, I was instantly attracted to her stuff.  What geek wouldn’t be?  Super heroes, Star Wars, I even saw Star Trek a time or two.

Take this Storm Trooper necklace, for instance.  Handmade from clay polymers and acrylic paints, he’s a cute little thing.  No, Storm Troopers were never referred to as cute before, but look at him!  He’s short and chubby.  Kind of like me.  I should dress as a Storm Trooper this year for Halloween…

I should point out my Star Wars geek credentials aren’t current.  I’ve never seen Episodes 1-3.  I saw a snippet of Episode 2 once and the comparisons just made me sad.  I will hang onto my Episodes 4-6 for as long as I can, never sullying the memory of standing in line in 1977 to see Episode 4 in all its glory. I do get goose bumps whenever I hear the opening horns to the theme song, still.

So when I saw this little Storm Trooper in person a couple months’ ago, I could not help but let out my girly geek squeal – He’s SO CUUUUUTE! And watched Chelsea laugh at me.

As you can see, it hangs from a 24″ chain and the Storm Trooper himself is a mere 2″ long.  Short and chubby. Can’t get much cuter than that.

If Star Wars isn’t your thing, Chelsea carries so many more items at Make It Sick that are sure to appeal to geeks around the world, big and small.  Like I mentioned earlier, she also carries a fun line of super heroes.  We bought her Spider Man coaster set last December! If this little guy is your man, click on either photo to buy him from Make It Sick’s etsy shop.

Visit Make It Sick’s Facebook page or etsy shop and bring some handmade geekery into your life.

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