Book-Inz: My Top Five Tools

I’m often asked what I use to create Book-Inz and without giving away trade secrets, I’ll give you my top five list of tools I could not work without:

  1. Simplicity Serge Pro 4 Needle Serger – Thing 1 of my Wonder Twins. She’s an older model but a serious workhorse. I also have another serger Pat uses when we’re trying to get through some orders really quickly. While I can use both sergers with ease, it would appear I am the only one who can use the Serge Pro without jamming the thread. Ergo, since serging is one of the first major steps of construction, Serge Pro is number on on my list. Well, that and the fact that she is easy to thread (color coded all the way through), she is factory oiled (I don’t have to oil her more than once a month, if that), she has adjustable stitch width, and she is a serious workhorse. Oh, I mentioned that one already? Well, that’s because that is my number one reason to love her! My only con is that she didn’t come with that handy thread cutting attachment…
  2. Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – Thing 2 of my Wonder Twins. I purchased her last summer when my trusty Brother got sick. With all the new bells and whistles, she took a while to get used to. I’d never had a drop in bobbin or a thread cutting attachment before. It was like heaven! And she is FAST. I mean I can floor her and she still won’t smoke. I like this about her. That and the fact that I can handily use an industrial thread cone with her, easy peasy.
  3. Fiskars Ergonomic Scissors/Snippers – I’m a lefty. And as a lefty, using right handled scissors is a PITA. My entire hand will ache for days. I was so excited to see these babies! I literally jumped for joy when I found them!
  4. FrayChek – This is what makes Book-Inz so durable. I FrayChek every single cut seam and ribbon. This stuff is like super glue for fabric. It dries with a little stiffness that doesn’t snag, stick, or fray. I wait for the 50% off sales and then go stock up on the two packs!
  5. Fiskars Ergonomic Whale Punch – Actually, it’s just a regular circle punch, but I started using the whale punch, so that’s what it will forever be known as to me. Also brought to you by Fiskars, it has saved my thumb. This is what cuts out the images I use on the Blingz. And ever since I learned how to do them, I’ve been punching like a mad woman.

There you have it, the five tools I could not create Book-Inz without. Next time, I’ll tell you about Pat…the assistant I could not have created Book-Inz without!

Are you a crafter? What tools are your indispensables? Post your comment and be entered for a chance to win a custom Blingz Book-Inz of your choice!


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5 responses to “Book-Inz: My Top Five Tools

  1. HeartsandHome

    I couldn’t sew without my serger, ruffler attachment or Gingher scissors.

  2. I’ve never looked at Gingher scissors and I have heard they are wonderful tools to have. I’ll have to look if they carry an ergonomic version.

  3. I could not live without toothpicks and windex. Sounds strange but every piece of glass I cut has to be cleaned before fired and I use a toothpick as a paint brush. Also my Morton Glass shop, without it cutting a straight line is almost impossible.

  4. Actually, now that you mention Windex, it makes perfect sense!

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