Book-Inz Reads: Please Look After Mom

Being Vietnamese, I was especially moved by how aptly this story relates family, love, and obligation in an Asian voice. Written by a South Korean writer, Kyung-sook Chin, the story follows the accidental disappearance of Mom during a trip to visit family. Heartbreaking, humorous, chilling, frustrating, regretful…all the different emotions are represented in this amazing book. The tale is told from different perspectives, each its own story, but deftly woven together with skill and emotion. Can you tell I LOVE this book?

While written with the Asian family in mind, the feelings and actions taken could reflect any family of any culture. And what I took away from this book is a greater understanding of what family means. I’ve become a bit more philosophical in my old age, can you tell? The last page left me longing for closure, knowing it would never come. Don’t let that stop you from reading this fantastic book. This author rips emotion from the depths of your chest. It is so much more than just a book.

I discovered this book at the library on a shelf of librarian’s picks and I am so glad I chose it. I absolutely agree with this librarian’s pick and if I knew which one it was, I would thank them profusely. It’s not often I come across a novel that sticks with me. This one’s a keeper.

I recently discovered this book has been an Oprah’s Book Club selection and thus has its own Reading Guide. Which makes it a fantastic selection for book clubs, if you haven’t already done so.

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