Neato Burrito: Laughing Crafter Studio

Buffy Hall is the Laughing Crafter.  And she does laugh, a LOT.  ALL. THE. TIME. I have never met another joyful person.  And such joy is why I not only like her work, but I like HER.

We first met Buffy at one of our fall shows.  She was our booth neighbor and we shared some giggles throughout the day.  It also happened to be the same day as a TCU football game, so to make things more amusing, Buffy would occasionally shout out the current score to anyone who was interested.  It turned out we were at the same show the following day and there our enjoyment of her work really set in.  I got to see the entirety of her crosses and marvel at her creativity.

We’ve purchased two pieces from her.  Both necklaces with pendants that read, “Giggle Till You Pee” Both recipients fell in love with them on sight!  And it’s a fitting motto for someone such as Buffy.

Laughing Crafter Studio  handmakes crosses of varying size and design. Her work comes from a place of love and joy, inspired by her faith.  And when you see these pieces in person, you are truly amazed at how beautiful they are.  Buffy also tries her hand at fun jewelry pieces, as well.  Mostly fused glass and also other mediums.  As evidenced by the funny ‘Giggle Till You Pee’ pendant we loved so much!

You can find Buffy on her blog or her etsy shop.  Go find your own merriment with Buffy of Laughing Crafter Studio!

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