Soap Wardrobe

I was thinking about this in the shower the other day.  I have a morning soap, a fabulous peppermint from Clover Hollow; a bedtime lavender blend from The Soap Addict; and a variety of others from different soapmakers.  I realized I have a soap wardrobe.  Much like my perfumes and clothes, I pick the scented (or unscented) soap that matches my mood that day.

Interestingly enough, I talked about this with several others over the weekend and they came to the same realization.  With all the handmade soap available these days, why would you ever use a store bought bar?

There’s something for everyone, including the men.  Hedge Wizards has a wonderful line of men’s shaving soaps. But it doesn’t stop there, just like men have more than one cologne, same goes for soaps.  Soap is no longer just a utilitarian bath product.

There are so many moods and events that can be coordinated with soaps, imagine – married date night, single date night, first date, wedding…just like there’s a scent memory for every occasion, now there’s a soap for those same occasions.  Do you have a soap wardrobe?

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