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Monday Magic: Christopher Walken

Another Christopher Walken reading…this time it’s The Three Little Pigs.

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Monday Magic: Christopher Walken

There are only four men with such distinctive narrative voices that i really enjoy.  Christopher Walken is one of them.

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Book-Inz Reads: by the time you read this

by the time you read this by Lola Jaye is incredibly moving.  A dying father decides to write out a book for his young daughter, to be read each year on her birthday that he won’t be in attendance.  She was five when he received his terminal diagnosis.

She wasn’t given The Manual until she was 12.

by the time you read this

As I read this book and related what was going in her life to what her father had written, I was reminded of my own father.  His steady patience with me has finally paid off and I felt sorrow that she wouldn’t get that feeling of making her father proud.

There are moments in the book that remind me of how stubborn and hard-headed I was as a young adult and this poignant portrayal of a father’s love for his daughter is spellbinding.

I dare you to put it down before finding out how it ends.  I stayed up into the wee hours with a flashlight to finish it!

Let me know what you think of Lola Jaye’s novel.  Keep Calm and Read On!


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Book-Inz Reads: Please Look After Mom

Being Vietnamese, I was especially moved by how aptly this story relates family, love, and obligation in an Asian voice. Written by a South Korean writer, Kyung-sook Chin, the story follows the accidental disappearance of Mom during a trip to visit family. Heartbreaking, humorous, chilling, frustrating, regretful…all the different emotions are represented in this amazing book. The tale is told from different perspectives, each its own story, but deftly woven together with skill and emotion. Can you tell I LOVE this book?

While written with the Asian family in mind, the feelings and actions taken could reflect any family of any culture. And what I took away from this book is a greater understanding of what family means. I’ve become a bit more philosophical in my old age, can you tell? The last page left me longing for closure, knowing it would never come. Don’t let that stop you from reading this fantastic book. This author rips emotion from the depths of your chest. It is so much more than just a book.

I discovered this book at the library on a shelf of librarian’s picks and I am so glad I chose it. I absolutely agree with this librarian’s pick and if I knew which one it was, I would thank them profusely. It’s not often I come across a novel that sticks with me. This one’s a keeper.

I recently discovered this book has been an Oprah’s Book Club selection and thus has its own Reading Guide. Which makes it a fantastic selection for book clubs, if you haven’t already done so.

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Book-Inz Reads: I married you for happiness

This book will touch your very soul with its portrayal of a woman whose husband suddenly dies.  I can’t say too much because anything I could say would give away the premise of the book.  Just know that when I finished reading the last page, I had to go back and re-read it to make sure I understood what had happened.  And then I cried.  Because this is just a simply written gorgeous tribute to a marriage over time and space.

Please read this book.  I cannot express enough how much it touched me.  And made me love Pat even harder than I already do.  Whether married, single, divorced, or widowed, your opinion of marriage will be forever strengthened.

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Book-Inz Reads: The Revisionists

What Thomas Mullen says: “…Zed is an agent from the future. A time when the world’s problems have been solved. No hunger. No war. No despair…”


What I say: DAMN GOOD READING.  Think Terminator, except instead of trying to change the future, Zed is trying to SAVE it. And by save, I mean he is going back in time and making sure cataclysmic events happen exactly as they are supposed to according to the history books to make sure the future he lives in doesn’t change.  Catch that?  😉

Except there are chinks in the armor…and I’m already saying too much.  I’ve always believed that one person changing themselves or their surroundings could change the world.  And this book reinforces that belief in spades.

Caveat: It will make you dizzy sometimes, all the back and forth.  I know I had to put it down a few times just to get my bearings.  But I picked it right back up and enjoyed it all the way to the end.  If they ever make a movie of this book, I hope they keep the required special effects.

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Random Thoughts: Browsing the Bookshelves

Some of the best books I have ever read came from chance.  And by chance, I mean that I wandered the bookshelves and picked out a cover or title that caught my imagination, flipped it open to the bookflap, and decided the story was worth my time.

I found C.W. Gortner that way.  And Meg Waite Clayton.  And Elizabeth Kostova.  Wandering around the library and bookstore shelves without a goal and finding a treasure…

English: This is a picture of bookshelves in a...

Lucy Ferris defended brick & mortar bookstores against online bookstores recently and made a significantly valid point:

“…nothing quite beats the experience of hovering, mothlike, around the literature section, picking up and glancing at pages randomly, deciding to try a book because you like its cover or its opening lines or what Wally Lamb had to say about it.”

Because that’s how I see it.  That’s how I read.  I find that if a book doesn’t capture my attention in the first few lines, I’m more than likely not going to read it.  I have several books in a Half Price Books resale pile that can attest to this.  Books I picked up because someone told me I would love it, words unseen, I went on their recommendation – nothing.  I’ve since learned my lesson.  Let it ‘hook’ me, I’m all over it.

Did you ever discover a favorite read this way?  Did you go back and find more of their books?

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